Is Media Truly Avoidable?


During my two days of media use I noticed immediately just how much I was unintentionally being subjected to ads and other forms of advertising. I rode a bus and was exposed to music that I, on a  regular basis, would not have noticed. I then got on campus and started noticing all the on-campus activities being advertised on posters, on doors, and even written on the sidewalk with chalk. I basically spent my entire two days being completely mind blown because I hadn’t realized just how much media Iwas being exposed to everyday.  

I then started to ask my friends questions about how much media they were exposed to at home. My roommate, for example, said she spent at least three hours everyday watching TV. A friend in my math class said she spent maybe an hour a day watching TV but that she also sent at least 60 text messages a day.

I, on the other hand, spend maybe an hour watching TV. I also only send about 30 to 40 text messages a day. What I do spend most of my time on is Facebook. I had spent almost ten hours on Facebook in just two days. I also spent at least thirty minutes of every hour I was awake checking my phone for texts, the time, Facebook updates,the weather, and lastly, calling my friends and family.

From this experiment and the small survey I conducted I learned that I spend way too much time on social networking sites and what is even worse is that when I’m not checking Facebook online I’m checking it on my phone. Here is  a video declaring that Facebook is an actual addiction.  I’ve also discovered that my music intake is incredible. I spend at least an hour a day finding new music to put on my iPod and over three hours a day just listening to music that I already have.

The media I am exposed to the most say a significant amount about what I am learning about the world on a daily basis. I’m learning music trends as well as different forms of music that are not necessarily main stream. For instance, Dubstep or Techno are genres of music that the public doesn’t usually hear, but I love those genres and listen to them all the time. It pleases me that I’m educating myself on realms of music not yet discovered by millions of people. I also feel I’m learning about the most popular communication trends on Facebook. More specifically, I’m learning about what people are listening to, what videos they’re watching on YouTube, and I’m even technically learning what the latest fashion trends are based on people’s photos posted.

My most surprising realization is that it’s pretty much impossible to not be subjected to these types of media if I’m going to be involved in everyday culture. Culture, as a whole, has become extremely reliant on technology because without it many aspects of culture would not be known by people all over the world. It takes radios, TVs, internet, and cell phones to inform people about news, trends, and products being sold. As a result, I have become a technology junkie. I have become a person completely obsessed with having the immediate gratification of knowing what’s going on at every minute of the day.


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