Tosh.0 = Genius


Not only does tosh.0 have an awesomely hilarious show he also has one of the most effective websites dedicated to his show. One thing is for sure; Daniel Tosh uses his viewers’ ideas and jokes and incorporates them in his show. This technique, or website, Daniel Tosh uses is the basis for his show’s ideas and topics. It is one of the main reasons his show has had so much success.


The Tosh.0 website has videos he has used on his previous shows. They’re categorized in an orderly fashion by most recently used to the most often watched. This allows his fans to view all of his previous videos while making comments on them as well. Daniel Tosh can use this feedback to find out what his viewers enjoyed more and what they enjoyed the least.

The website also includes previews to videos that will be shown in the future. For example, on the site presently there is a video shown of a man on psychedelic mushrooms. This is a preview to the web redemptions Daniel Tosh does on his program every week. By doing this Daniel tosh is not only advertising his show but he’s getting his viewers excited for the videos to come throughout the season.


Daniel Tosh gets his audience to participate in his ongoing show using blogs. He does this game called the “Caption Challenge.” Basically the game consists of people blogging about funny pictures and they must contain a humorous caption. He also has a blog where people talk about him or his show. There is a specific pattern to most of the content posted on the site which is humor. If it’s not humorous Daniel Tosh doesn’t put it up.

Total Domination

Overall, Daniel Tosh’s success comes from his fans. He is very clear in every episode to include something from his fans whether it’s a blog post or video uploaded onto his site. He continues to dominate in comedy using the most updated technology such as YouTube and Twitter. He also beats many of his comedic competitors using audience interaction. With audience feedback and ideas he will continue to win in the game of comedy as long as he keeps his audience happy. He’s definitely won me over.


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