Disney Desire


When I was a little girl Disney movies were always my favorite movies to watch. I loved the storylines that included animals like The Fox and The Hound, The Lion King, 101 Dalmatians, or Oliver and Company. I remember saying to my parents, “wow, I wish my dog was as cool as the ones in those movies.”

 I also loved how Disney movies always had a story about romance involved. I remember idolizing the beautiful main female characters and hoping that when I grew up that I would look just like them and fall in love with some handsome man.

What I never realized was how unrealistic those concepts were. I also never realized how much of an impact those movies have really had on me until now. Were those movies really okay for me to watch? Were they too unrealistic with the real world?

With that being said, I decided to look up the issue on the idea of being a princess pushed through Disney movies and its impact on young girls. I found an article written by a very disturbed mother. She was experiencing how her daughter always wanted to play dress-up and how people in her life, such as teachers, her dentist, and even the grocery store check-out clerk were treating her in a gender biased way. For example, they were calling her princess and assuming her favorite color was pink.

After reading this I really took into account how when I was growing up I was never really treated as a total girly girl. Yes, I wore dresses and enjoyed playing with my barbies, but my parents balanced that very well with the importance of playing outside and being independent.

I sometimes wonder if I would be even more independent if I had not been subjected to the “princess” idea and how being pretty in pink with submissive behaviors was the way to get a man’s attention.

Unfortunately, because I’ll truly never know why I am the way I am today I suppose even I will have my future children watch Disney movies. Even though Disney has hidden messages I personally doubt my child will really see them. I know I didn’t even know about them until high school and if that’s the case what harm is really causing.

I have come to figure that if I enjoyed watching the movies with my parents and if I learned some positive values then Disney can’t possibly be that bad. In fact, I think I would rather have my child watch that than some of the TV shows they air like The Jersey Shore.


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