Christmas is Here!!!….and So are the Advertisers


Since it’s the Christmas holiday season, a very popular product I have noticed advertised a lot recently has been Target. Target’s advertisement campaign has used the multimedia approach in a very effective and evident way. This is a popular time to buy gifts for family and friends. With this being said I have seen countless Target ads on my phone apps, on Facebook, on TV, and in magazines as well.

 The advertising campaign definitely reaches its goal of pushing the product into many aspects of my daily routine. I saw the ad while using my cell phone apps, checking my Facebook statuses, and while watching TV. I think it’s also important to mention that while the ads were constantly present in my daily activities I started to think about the Christmas holiday, in general, a lot more.

The most effective form of advertising that Target does to reach its Christmas shopping audiences would be the neurotic woman advertisement shown constantly on TV. She is obsessive and crazy. Her stress to get the sales is something that many Americans, in a budget, can relate to on a personal level.  She is also psychotically cheery, an emotion, which is something that Americans, as a whole, relate very closely with this season of the year. With both of those factors said I think Target does an excellent job of escaping the media “clutter.” If people can relate to the media on a deep and interpersonal level than the advertising campaign has done its job of making their product the most memorable. Here’s a video to see the craziness.

The second next best form of advertising Target uses is the ads placed on Facebook. This form of advertising is aimed at the online shoppers as well as the many young people highly involved in social networking.  Many web users multitask. They get on Facebook while also checking their email or, as I mentioned before, shop online. The strategy of putting it on Facebook is extremely effective in getting audiences to subconsciously remember target while shopping for Christmas presents online. Not only does Target advertise the Corporation as a whole but it also promotes the many products within the store.

The last two forms of advertising that Target uses are the ads seen in magazines and cell phone apps. Both forms of media are great places to place the product because both your cell phone and magazines are channels of business for buying products. I always search in magazines for stores that have cute affordable clothes and while on my phone I, more often than not, find myself going online on my cell and searching for online products. Target’s advertising campaign has done a superb job of making sure they reached all media channels where consumption of products is on the consumers’ minds.

As a whole, Target will definitely do well this year in getting people to shop at the store for the Christmas season. People will see the ad everywhere, laugh at its quirkiness and unique advertisement theme with the Christmas obsessed woman and as a result, will want to shop there. It’s a natural instinct for people to want to put themselves in a place that represents happiness and Christmas cheer while shopping during the holiday season. For these reasons, Target and its advertising campaign has effectively gotten into the minds of the consumer world on a very beneficial and positive way to make money.


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