Scandalously Strategizing


The Scandal

During the recent Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Scandal the two have been constantly monitored by the press. With this being said Kim Kardashian, in particular, has received a lot of negative attention. People have been saying the marriage between the two was a total scam for publicity and money. Many have accused Kim of not even truly loving Kris. These accusations are really hurting Kim and her reputation. She now looks like a fake and overly obsessed about money. As a result, the public has kind of made up their minds that Kim, based on the media news, is a very selfish and dishonest woman.

The Public Relations Approach

Speaking from a PR’s point of view, the main objective would be to get the public’s trust back by improving Kim Kardashian’s overall reputation in society and by also making sure she only receives positive press from here on out.

As a PR professional I would immediately strategize ways to make the divorce look like something that was hard for Kim as well as making her look like the victim. TMZ has an article doing exactly this; Kim looks like the victim in this scandal when she describes in the article how she “had” to follow the legal advice of her lawyer and file for a divorce and that an annulment just wasn’t an option for the two newlyweds.

You could also keep the image of being a victim in the eyes of the public by sending all the popular magazines pictures of Kim crying and going to her family for support. I would also include statements from each of the family members saying how hard the situation with Kris Humphries has been for Kim.

Lastly, I would, as a PR professional, make sure to keep Kim busy with her business life. I would make sure it looks like she needs her work to preoccupy herself while she struggles through this messy divorce. I would again, send pictures to all the popular magazines of her working at the Dash store as well as release a statement from Kim reassuring the public that she simply made a mistake. This would make her look like an innocent person who just wants to get out of a bad situation.

Backfiring Strategies

Ways in which my PR strategies could backfire would be if the press said Kim’s family is only being supportive to save their own reputations and of course, in order to not have any losses of money. The press could also accuse Kim of lying about what her lawyer really said. The press could assume that those statements were made up without hearing an actual recorded statement from her lawyer. The last way the strategies could backfire would be if the press took Kim working more as something negative instead of therapeutic method for dealing with her mental health. They could say she is of course working more to gain more money which just supports their original gossip, Kim only caring about money.

PRSA Ethics Code

Overall, as a PR professional, the strategies to improve Kim’s reputation and public attention seem to meet the code. The family statements would all be emotional and true, increasing the validity of the claim. The pictures of her current emotional state would also prove her sadness to, be in fact, true.

Not bashing Kris Humphries directly, by saying negative comments, would keep the claims legitimate and fair because by bashing Kris Kim would be showing that she has something to gain. We want to avoid that idea as much as possible. The only gain that should seem evident would be the fact that she wants to just get out of the marriage and move on with her life.

The statement from the lawyer also proves validity in the case. If Kim has someone official to back up her case the public will view her as being honest and they won’t think she’s just trying to manipulate the truth for her own benefit.  Showing pictures of her working more and releasing a statement saying she has simply made a terrible mistake will also prove to the public and the press that she isn’t a fake and that she has human qualities that every one of us can relate to on an emotional level.

If Kim can prove her innocence with hard facts from her lawyer, pictures, and statements from herself as well as her family then she can gain back the trust of the public in a way that is fair, truthful, accurate, and still responsible, in regards to the public’s knowledge.


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