A Letter to the Editor


The issue

As many of you already know women are constantly objectified in the mass media. This includes ads, commercials, billboards, and even on the radio. I’ve recently come across an ad that, to me, is the absolute most offensive and obvious example of a woman being objectified in an ad. Below, is a letter I would love to send to a magazine editor complaining about the unethical values within the ad.

The letter

Dear chief editors of magazines containing this disgusting ad,

It has come to my attention that a recent Burger King ad has been shown in your magazine advertising the new super seven incher sandwiches. This ad is only degrading and an objectification of women but it also extremely inappropriate for the general masses to view.  I think it is absolutely disgusting that you would publish such a demeaning photo of a woman. The picture shown to the right depicts a woman who doesn’t even really look like a woman at all. In fact, the ad objectifies her so intensely that she literally looks like a blow-up doll.

I think it’s truly shameful that your magazine is using this ad.  Your magazine and Burger King have totally lost many peoples’ respect.  I think it should be rather obvious that this ad is so offensive to people everywhere. Why on earth would I buy a sexualized sandwich? The ad doesn’t even make sense and most certainly doesn’t make me want to go out and buy one.  In fact, I have been so nauseated with this photo that I have lost my appetite indefinitely. I really think you should take into consideration how your ads are bringing distress to your consumers of the magazine. Maybe next time try putting an ad in your magazine that will actually successfully sell products.

Thanks for wasting my time with your trashy ads that do nothing but make women look like objects,

Rebecca Scott

The Concluding Statements

I hope that after reading this letter that you all get a better understanding of not only how unethical this ad is but just how inefficient the ad is in selling its product. I also have here, a link that has some other blogs supporting my opinion on how so many ads are demeaning to women and how women are constantly portrayed, in our patriarchal society, as objects.


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