Concluding the Mini-mester


I’m currently writing my fourth and final blog for my media criticism class. (Yay!) The assignment is to write to my fellow readers and introduce to them three blogs of my choice. I’m also to give my fellow classmates feedback on their blog which can be a critique, praise, additional information, or even something that they may have taught me within their blog.

Today I have chosen the blogs of my three classmates, Gerilyn, Adam, and Emily.  Here’s a little description of each of their blogs so you’re not totally lost by then end of my feedbacks. Gerilyn’s blog is about ideological criticism and how that ties into the major corporation, Disney (in case you’re wondering the definition of ideological criticism is listed quite nicely on Gerilyn’s Blog).  Adam’s blog was about Semiotics and how he applied this tool to understanding the meaning of a Bose advertisement. Lastly, Emily’s blog is about what media criticism is and the power of media to impact our lives socially, culturally, politically, and economically.


Now on to the feedback!

Gerilyn’s Blog: A Question of Ethics

Gerilyn’s intro was a terrific opener for her blog discussion. She explained concepts to her audience very clearly and organized which was an awesome tool to refresh me on the vocabulary we’ve been talking about in class. Her introduction was an effective way to get her audience up to speed on what Ideological criticism is and how it ties in to the Political Economy Theory as well as the corporation, Disney.

Gerilyn brought up a perspective about Disney that I had never really thought about before. It is definitely important to bring up in the discussion of Disney’s profits and how they maintain them. She said that children become co-dependent on Disney’s fantasy world. This is an excellent point to bring up because a child’s imagination is one of the most important aspects of childhood. It’s also skill that separates children from the adult world. With this being said, if Disney masters the art of feeding into a child’s imagination than that can only bring more profit to the company. I really enjoyed seeing this point of view from Gerilyn because the perspective is huge factor I had never taken into consideration when looking at Disney as a huge corporate machine.


Imagination, as Talked about by Gerilyn, also affects the artists behind many of Disney’s animated films. I think that this idea would have made a great contribution to her blog. In this link I have a video explaining how a child’s imagination has such a huge impact on the work of many artists and designers.


As a whole, I really enjoyed seeing Gerilyn’s more artistic perspective on the subject of Disney and how this greatly contributes to the company’s profits.


Adam’s Blog: Semiotics ≠ Symbiotics*

First of all, I’d just like to say that I found it extremely humorous and appealing that Adam made his blog seem like more of a daily journal. It personalized his work and made his writing seem a lot more relatable.  For instance, when he talked about his two sons and how he would be right back because one of the boys broke something. I found this hilarious and an effective addition to his writing that really draws his audience into his mind and personal life.  I felt like I was reading someone’s personal opinion for once instead of paper written simply for class.


Secondly, His analysis of the Bose headphones was a fantastic attention-grabber. I couldn’t help but finish the blog, a factor that I think is very important to bring up. His tactic of introducing the reader to his children and how they’re full of energy and mischief really aided in his analysis of the boy in the ad. He clearly presented and analyzed each object of the ad from the setting, to the boy, and then to the boy’s actions and behaviors. I also enjoyed the disclaimer he included about how people should not include these headphones in their daily parenting. His photos and organization put me at ease as I read through his hilarious blog.


One thing I would have to say that would greatly improve his blog would be to take into consideration the fact that people may not know what the terms used mean. I think it would have been more helpful for clueless readers if he had introduced the vocabulary a little more thoroughly in his introduction. Overall though, I found his blog to be one of the funniest I’ve read in a while.

Emily’s Blog: Introduction to Media Criticism

I would just like to start off by saying that I absolutely loved the video shown in the introduction. There were so many facts in that clip that I had never heard or thought about. For example, in the video a fact was shown that by the time I graduate in four years the technical information I learned as a freshmen will be outdated by the time I become a junior. With that being said, Emily’s video brought up some noteworthy points about how much we use and are involved with technology in our daily lives.

Emily’s example of Barack Obama and how the press called that election he was in the Facebook election really surprised me. I had never really noticed just how much Obama promoted himself through social networks. I also found it interesting that she said, “he won 70% of the votes of citizens 25 and under (the Millennial generation) because of the way he used the Web to hold their attention.” This fact totally blew my mind. I truly had no idea that much of our generation had voted for him to be our president. Her facts really showed me a new perspective on just how powerful media is in the political aspect of culture.


Overall, Emily’s blog was full of facts and statistics which really supported her claims on the huge impact media has on our individual lives. I, personally, don’t keep up with politics the way that I should so I found her blog to be not only informative, but also helpful in explaining the political perspective on the topic of media and just how influential media texts can be in today’s society.

To Sum It Up

I find that using blogs is a great way to apply what I’ve learned in class to real world examples. I also find blogging to be a great experience, especially when it comes to writing for the public. I think blogs, as a whole, are just another aspect as to why our society is so advanced when it comes to gaining information. I’ve gained so much insight on the topic of media criticism as well as peoples’ different styles of writing. Media criticism is not just another perspective to be taken lightly. I find it extremely important to pay attention to what I’m reading and watching because of the way that technology is constantly in our lives.

I truly enjoyed seeing my classmates’ opinions and ideas. I also found it remarkable just how many ways one can look at one topic. Without blogs many of our views would be very biased and one-sided. These media texts not only teach me new things but they make me think on a deeper level just how much the little things in life influence my daily decisions, actions, and thoughts.  I hope my readers have found my blogs interesting and informative.  Bye!


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